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11 February 2014

Crush Confessions with The Windy Pages

It's February, the month of love (or at least the month with a sappy love holiday in it) and we are celebrating with Crush Confessions. I've asked some awesome bloggers and writers to come up with a list of the boys (and girls) that make them swoon. From vampires to werewolves, jocks to Brits - we have something for everyone! So sit back, relax, and get ready to swoon.

Today's Crush Confessions comes from Kimberly at The Windy Pages. Kimberly and I have very similar taste in books and I knew she would be a great person to ask to contribute to Crush Confessions. See who made the grade below.

Boyfriends Who Suck! (in a good way)
The Windy Pages's top ten vampire boyfriends

So my friend Thuy over here asked me who my top fav lit crushes are. And she knows me so well, she knows I'm going to say "Well, thuy, do you mean my top ten fav vampire crushes?" and she would undoubtably say, "Why yes, Kimberly, that's exactly what I meant." And I would say, "Well, it's a good thing you asked, Thuy, because I happen to have this list..."

In no order:

Lestat from Interview With A Vampire
Yes, friends. Forget dear Louie. Let's focus on the big bad of Interview with a Vampire. Lestat is sexy, dark, evil and oh, did I mention cray-cray? He has lived a bah-zillion years though so give the guy a break. He just needs some love. Some tough love.
No, for real. He's the vampire every vampire lover should read first. There's a reason Interview is still one of the best vampire books out there. And it's not because of the film.

Dimitri from Vampire Academy
Um, hello hotness? Let's take a dark, broody, lethal Russia who defends justice, women and kittens. That is Dimitri from Richelle Mead's famous and soon to be blockbuster film Vampire Academy. He's quite the challenge- closed off, righteous and, did I mention, a teacher? Sign me up for that class! I see an A+++ waiting....

Eric from Sookie Stackhouse series
I'm not one for blond boys, no joke, but something about dear Eric makes this girl swoon. Could it be his wry sense of humor? His protectiveness? Charisma? His flawed, pig brained, alpha maleness? Maybe all of the above. I really enjoyed the books where Eric was with Sookie. He's quite a maddening character, oh and the hot steamy scenes between them made any room rise in temperature.

Lucius Vladescu from Jessica's Guide To Dating on the Dark Side
I think this book, and this hero, is seriously underrated. Lucius, a Romanian vampire prince! for goodness's sake, shows up on a farm to meet his future bride Jessica Packwood. A vegetarian. Yeah. I love Lucius's letter's home to his uncle, showing his sharp sense of humor and determination. His character grows into such a dashing young prince lead, stepping up to the challenge, facing his demons and, maybe?, winning the girl. I mean, how can you not fall in love with a guy whose witty banter is so charming, you can't help but fall in love with him? Even a vegetarian can't resist that.

John Matthew from The Black Dagger Brotherhood
JM's character slowly built momentum through the entire series, only for him to get his own awesome full story 8 books in. And what a payoff! JM is sweet, innocent and damaged. He is mute, communicating through sign language and is a bad ass fighter.
I'm talking about he broke a treadmill, he ran it so hard.
Take THAT Chuck Norris!
Oh, and did I mention that he's super sensitive? What happens when the girl you love rejects you, but then gets kidnapped by an evil SOB? You go save her of course! JM is a typical white knight, alpha male. He's yummy, hot, sexy and has a perfect 10 body. (Think Frank Miller's 300 men, people.)

Bones from Night Huntress series
What do you do when you are captured by a sexy vampire bounty hunter? Make him want you of course! Bones is such bounty hunter. He's hilarious with his snide comments and did I mention he has an accent? SCORE! But the best thing about Bones is his fierce loyalty and protectiveness. He's a good guy. No matter how much he wants to try to hide it.

Matthew Clairmont from All Soul's Trilogy
I'm sorry, have you met Matthew? A very old, wise, intelligent vampire who loves good wine, history, and reading. Tall? Has his own castle? I love how gentlemanly Matthew is, polite and proper. Reminds me of old English romantic heros (Mr Darcy anyone?) with fangs, of course.

Vlad Tepesh from The Night Prince series
If you've read the Night Huntress series, then Vlad isn't a stranger to you. The ribbing that he does with Bones is down right laugh out loud. Vlad is yes, Dracula. He's fierce, protective and above all, a politician. He handles lands and legions of people. Many fear him. And this has made Vlad, sadly, very lonely and unable to trust anyone. But underneath all of that, he is a incredibly loyal to his friends and subjects. He is a fighter, correcting wrongs and saving lives. Oh, and he can control fire.

Vlad the Impaler from Bram Stoker's Dracula
How can you have a vampire list without Dracula? I mean, the traditional Dracula. He is super villain, evil and diabolical. Men, many many men, have tried to destroy him. He's too smart, too clever and cursed forever. I don't want to be his girlfriend. But a vampire list has to have the him on it. If even just to see how far we've come from a vampire who instills fear into the hearts of many to a vampire who... glitters?

Edward from Twilight
<dodges shoe> I mean, come on! You thought I wasn't going to put him on this list? Have you met me? I'm not saying Edward is a great romantic character. Truth is, he does exhibit stalker tendencies, possessive boyfriend behavior and you know, I don't know if I truly want to date a man that glitters. (Can you blame me?) But Edward and the gang started a fever that still has not be quenched. Good things about Edward- loyal, fierce, protective and musician (I have a thing for musicians) Bad things about Edward- possessive, chauvinistic, and will disable your car if he doesn't want you to see friends he doesn't like.

I don't mind calling Edward a boyfriend. But I am a thirty something woman who has been around the block and knows the difference between creepy boyfriend behavior and good boyfriend behavior. I'm not a teenager who is blissfully, blindly in love. So come on over, Edward. Give me your best shot. But I warn you- none of that possessive stuff. I don't take that shit.


Thanks for having me!

Kimberly blogs at The Windy Pages. Kimberly majored in Songwriting at Berklee College of Music and currently works full time in the music industry. When she’s not listening to music, knitting or writing, you can find her outside reading her favorite genres: Young Adult, Adult Fiction, Mystery, and Romance.

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