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10 February 2014

Manicure Monday (50): Code Name Verity

Manicure Monday is a weekly feature that combines my love of nail polish and reading. Each week I'll show you one of my current reads along with what's on my nails. 

This week's manicure is inspired by Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein. I have been meaning to read this one for ages and am finally getting around to it. I actually started listening to it on audio on my drive to work, and the narrator is really great. She has a great Scottish accent and it's really fun to listen to her.

I used a trio of lovely Zoya polishes as the base for this manicure. First I painted on 2 coats of Zoya Kristen, a pale blue with grey undertones, onto each nail as the "sky." Then using a beauty sponge, I sponged Zoya Kelly, Dove (both greys) and Wet N Wild White to create clouds.

I painted airplanes using a small nail brush and acrylic paints. They are really tiny so it's kind of hard to see what they are, but you get the idea. 

Then, on my middle and ring finger, I used acrylic paints to draw the grass and brick wall. The grass was super easy and I just made little vertical strokes to give the grass an organic look. The bricks were made with brown acrylic paint and short, horizontal stripes. Oh, but where are the bicycles do you ask? Well, I tried to paint them and well...it didn't look good. I think it was just too small but they kind of came out like red blobs. So I scrapped them and re-did without them. I did add a bit of red to the wall as a nod to the bikes, but that was all I could muster.

This came out different than I thought it would (they often do). To me, this looks a bit like an impressionist painting, with a lot of colors and shapes that really aren't defined but still make up the gist of the cover. Overall I still like it though it's not as precise as some of my other manicures have been. 

With my crazy commute I'll probably finish the audiobook this week. I really have no idea what's going to happen next in the book, but I am enjoying it immensely. I hope you all have a wonderful week. Happy reading!

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