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19 February 2014

Crush Confessions with Olivia at Nite Lite

It's February, the month of love (or at least the month with a sappy love holiday in it) and we are celebrating with Crush Confessions. I've asked some awesome bloggers and writers to come up with a list of the boys (and girls) that make them swoon. From vampires to werewolves, jocks to Brits - we have something for everyone! So sit back, relax, and get ready to swoon.

Today's confessions comes from Olivia who is a co-blogger here at Nite Lite.  I know that Liv has a soft spot for sports romances, so who better to ask about the hottest jocks in literature these days? Without further delay, let's see which jocks and athletes Liv is crushing on.

Maybe it is somewhat paradoxical that I would be writing about Hot Athletes when I had no clue who played in the Super Bowl a couple of weeks ago, but it seems that I can’t get enough of these bad boys of sports when contained within the pages of a book.  I seems I am always on the look out for a new sports romance with a HEA ending.

Here are five of my favorite hot athletes...

One of my favorites themes in Sports Romances is the bad boy in need of an image make-over.  It seems that the public loves an athlete with a wild reputation, though management doesn’t seem to agree, and brings in the image makeover specialist, who is always a sexy successful female, to help our tough bad boy make a change.

Cole Riley, Football
Playing to Win by Jaci Burton
Cole Riley has a short fuse and a tendency to party too hard, and does not always play nice with his teammates.  However, if he wants to keep playing professional football, he is going to need to make some changes.  Savannah Brooks is the sexy professional hired by his new team to help Cole clean up his act.  Initially, Cole comes across as a spoiled, arrogant jerk.  He claims he is misunderstood and it is all the fault of the press.   When Cole lets down some of his guard, you get to see that underneath he is a pretty amazing guy.  Hey, he cares about his family, a lot, which always counts for something in my book.  And he is one generous, and sexy lover.    

Most romance novels are all about falling in love, but there are some that focus on second chances.  In Line of Scrimmage, Ryan Sanderson makes a Hail Mary attempt to save his marriage.   

Ryan Sanderson, Football
Line of Scrimmage by Marie Force
I fell in love with Ryan Sanderson.  He arrives back home after being injured in his third championship game.  It is days before his divorce is final and his soon-to-be ex-wife is already planning her wedding to her fiance.  Ryan was a successful quarterback who realizes that all of the success is worth nothing if he doesn’t have Susannah.  Can he win her back before it really is too late? Ryan has a charming smile, a sense of humor, and a smokin’ hot body.  Unfortunately, football has gotten in the way of being able to focus on his wife and marriage.  As the story progresses, you realize that there is a sweet vulnerability below the surface that makes Ryan more than just what is on the outside.  It was this Ryan that shines through the story and just captured my heart.

Another scenario that crops up sports romances is the injured athlete and the female that seems to be there to help him through a tough time.

Reid Andrews, MMA
Seducing Cinderella by Gina L. Maxwell
This was the first romance I read with a Mixed Martial Arts athlete.  It didn’t take me long to want to say “Move over, Lucie, this hottie is mine.”  Reid Andrews is recovery from a shoulder injury.  It turns out that the physical therapist is his best friend’s “little” sister.  Reid is charming, and sexy and agrees to help Lucie with her own personal makeover if she helps him with his recovery.  Did I mention that Reid is sexy? Yep, definitely sexy.  And he also has this really sensitive, creative side.  I definitely want Reid as my book boyfriend.

Of course, then you still have the athlete who is happy to move from one meaningless sexual encounter to the next until they meet the one woman who turns their world upside down.

Jax Maris, MMA
Rules of Entanglement by Gina L. Maxwell
Apparently, Gina Maxwell writes some great book boyfriends since I also included Jax, Reid’s best friend, in this list.  I really couldn’t decide which one was hotter.  Both were great in such different ways. Jax would typically not be a guy that would catch my eye despite how good looking he was.  He is much more laid back and doesn’t seem to take anything very seriously.  However, when it comes to winning the girl, he is seriously focused.  The scene with the tequila shots and the picnic at the waterfall had me fanning myself.

Mick Riley, Football
The Perfect Play by Jaci Burton
Jaci Burton tends to write some hot athletes and I couldn’t leave off Mick Riley.  Mick’s story kicks off the Play-by-Play Series.  And similar to Jax, I probably would avoid Mick.  He seems like way too much of a playboy for my taste.  Fun to look at but not much more. However, throughout the book, I couldn’t help but really like Mick.  He was a successful athlete with strong family ties.  After awhile you realize that the public persona and the real man are two different people, and the man in real life was someone I really wanted to get to know better.

Liv loves reading Sci Fi/Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Sports Romance, Historical Fiction, Comics/Graphic Novels, Mysteries and the occasional cook book. She loves hanging out by water - oceans, lakes, waterfalls, hey, even a small brook will do in a pinch - and does her best thinking and writing there. She love movies, cooking with friends, and well, reading of course. Liv blogs at Nite Lite Book Reviews and you can also find her on Goodreads and Twitter.

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