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About Us


Hi, I'm Thuy - sounds like twee. Not thigh, thooey, or tweed. I am a lifelong reader. It started off with Archie comics, Babysitters Club, and Choose Your Own Adventure and went from there. I usually read Young Adult Fiction (Sci Fi/Fantasy in particular), Paranormal Romance, Romance, Literary Fiction, Comics/Graphic Novels, Mysteries, Cookbooks and Crafts/Knitting books.

I love physical books but have a Kindle as well and love it for its portability and convenience (and the fact that I can read smutty books in public). Nothing will ever replace real, live books and brick and mortar bookstores, though.

I love dogs, zombies, knitting, movies and, of course, reading.

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Contributing Writer

I'm Alethea and I love reading Young Adult Fiction (particularly SciFi/Fantasy), Middle Grade Fiction, Contemporary Literary Fiction, Mysteries, Math, and Science. I also don't mind receiving e-ARCS (secure PDFs are fine) since I have a Sony Pocket to read them on. I have a Kindle, too.

I'm a former bookseller, and I remain active particularly among YA readers and authors, through various book clubs, online communities (including All Things YA) and author signings in and around Los Angeles.

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Contributing Writer

I love reading Sci Fi/Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Sports Romance, Historical Fiction, Comics/Graphic Novels, Mysteries and the occasional cook book. Though I love real print books, I appreciate the convenience of e-books (especially for the smutty stuff). I have a Kindle and an iPad and will accept e-ARCs. 

I love hanging out by water - oceans, lakes, waterfalls, hey, even a small brook will do in a pinch - and do my best thinking and writing there. I love movies, cooking with friends, and well, reading of course.

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