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07 February 2014

Uncovered (96): The Ring & the Crown

Hi, everyone. Thanks for stopping by Uncovered, a weekly feature where I talk about a cover that I am currently lusting after. 

Hellooooo, Friday! Have you guys been having a good week? I, for one, cannot wait for the week to be over. I started a really long commute this week and it's really drained me. The upside is that I've finished an audiobook in one week! So this week's Uncovered selection is The Ring & The Crown by Melissa de la Cruz. I found this cover recently and really like it. To tell the truth, I think it's really the colors that are really doing it for me. I love bright, crazy colors and this one is so colorful and pretty. I love the ornate wallpaper in the background and how the font seems to be coming up from under it. I really like the flower headband as well. I mean, looking at this cover, I have no idea what the book is about but it's sure pretty. :)

I hope you liked today's pick. Let me know what you think of it in the comments below. Have a lovely weekend!

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