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15 February 2014

What Does the Bookworm Say?: The Change-Up - Vampire Academy

Hi and welcome to What Does the Bookworm Say?, a feature that I am doing with my friends The Reader's AntidoteElegantly Bound Books and The Windy Pages. This week's topic is a recurring one called The Change-Up in which we discuss cover changes. Since the Vampire Academy movie is opening wide this week, we though it would be fun to discuss the recent cover changes. If you want to know what I though of the movie, check out this post. Spoiler - I liked it.

These are the original Vampire Academy series covers.

And these are the new revamped covers.

Let me start this off by saying that I have never really liked the original VA covers. They are really cheesy to me and just scream "I'm an angsty teenage girl!" And I could never tell if the girl on the cover was supposed to be Rose or Lissa. I just knew that she didn't look how I imagined either of them. I was pretty excited when I hear that they were finally going to re-do the covers to coincide with the movie release.

However, when the new covers were revealed, I was less than thrilled. If possible I think the new covers might be even cheesier than the old ones. At least the old covers had a bit of personality. The new ones look super generic with the big VA emblem and then they still use the same random girls on the cover. I really wish they would have take the time to design something new and interesting instead of just another version of the old covers. I mean, they're not terrible, and I kind of like the uniform look to them, but they are very bland. I also find that I am kind of sentimental towards the old covers now. The winner for me in this battle (fake battle) are the original covers. They're old fashioned looking but they have more personality than the new versions.

Bonus: What do you think of the movie tie-in cover for VA?

As movie tie-in covers go, I really like this one. I love the colors and the logo is visible but not crazy huge. If you didn't know that this was made into a movie, you might think it was a regular cover with two cover models on it. Thumbs up from me. I would totally get a copy if I didn't already have a set. 

Those are my thoughts on the new Vampire Academy covers. Let me know what you think below. Love them, hate them, bought them on e-book because they were so bad? And don't forget to visit the other lovely bloggers participating ad well. Have a great weekend!

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