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01 September 2013

Stacked (70)

Hello! Is everyone enjoying the long weekend so far? As anticipated, it's insanely hot here and my body is freaking out because of the crazy cold air conditioning most people have and the super hot weather outside. It's resulted in some bad headaches but I am trying to stay hydrated and at a consistent temperature as much as possible.

My book haul this week is pretty tame. The library did have a few new books that I grabbed and I also purchased a book.

Dark Triumph by RL LaFevers - So happy about this one. I have been meaning to buy it but just haven't had a chance. But the library pulled through for me.  I finished it already and it's so good. I may have to go buy this one.

September Girls by Bennett Madison - I have heard really good things about this book and am looking forward to checking it out.

A Beautiful Mess by Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman - I follow the blog that these two sisters run (A Beautiful Mess). I really like their ideas and photos and decided to pick up their new photo idea book. I don't know if there is going to be anything revolutionary in it but I think it might inspire me to take more pictures and just see things in a different way.

That's my haul this week. Anyone going to a BBQ or anything good? I don't know what I am doing yet. Someone, invite me to an (indoor) BBQ please or at least a BBQ with a pool. :) Happy weekend, everyone!

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