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19 September 2013

Current Obsession: Veronica Mars

So today I am going to talk a bit about one of my current obsessions. This past weekend my friend came over with her DVDs of Veronica Mars. I know, I know - where have I been on this time? The Veronica Mars train came and went and even funded a movie, and I still hadn't seen it. I would say that my only excuse is that I am probably the worst TV watcher ever. While most people can plow through a season in a weekend or a week, it'll take me months or even years to finish a show. I don't know what it is except that a TV series seems like such a time commitment while a movie can be consumed in a couple of hours.

Anyhow - she came over and we proceeded to watch 3 episodes of VM back to back. To you TV champs this probably seems like nothing but, to me, that's at least 3 weeks worth of episodes. As everyone predicted, I do love it. It's really smart and funny without being too unbelievable. The mysteries are plausible (for the most part). And I love Veronica! She's a serious spitfire and I love watching her in action. She is smart but also makes mistakes and owns up to them. The supporting cast also excellent and I love her dad and Wallace especially. I really want to know who killed Lily, too.

It's also really fun to watch the show because so many actors have made appearances. So far I've seen Jessica Chastain, Leighton Meester, Aaron Paul, Adam Scott, Melissa Leo...and I am sure more will appear.

That's my mini gush over Veronica Mars. It's nice to find something that lives up to the hype. It's also just fun and not super intense or dramatic. Hope you all enjoyed a peek into what I am currently obsessed with.

Previous obsession: Orphan Black
So not obsessed with: Fringe (seriously I don't understand why people love this show so much. The characters make terrible decisions and the plot barely advances from one episode to the next. I just don't get it.)

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