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23 September 2013

Manicure Monday (33): Eleanor & Park

Hi, guys! Welcome to another Manicure Monday. I hope you all had an awesome weekend. I survived the 5K. Thanks for all the well wishes. It wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be though it was still plenty difficult. And I am still a terrible runner. My friends who were pushing their 2 year old in a stroller came in like 10 minutes before me. Hahaha. But I had a lot of fun with my friends and our team actually raised over $500, so that was cool.

For this week's Manicure Monday post, I have a manicure that I have been wanting to do for a while now. I knew I was going to read Eleanor & Park for my book club this month and began plotting my manicure accordingly.

Eleanor & Park

The background color to this cover is an unusual shade of pale yellow/beige. I knew I had nothing like it in my stash and had been keeping an eye out for something that might work. Last week when I was at Ulta I picked up every bottle of yellow polish they had and knew that none of them was right. But I kept digging around in the hopes of some kind of nail polish miracle when I spotted it. There, on the bottom shelf, we a pale yellow bottle that didn't look like any of the other yellows around. I checked the bottle and saw that it was a shade called Cream of the Crop by Ulta brand. It was weird though because there were 8 other bottles of that shade in the store but this was one much lighter than all of them. Opening it I saw that it was also a strange, thick consistency but I knew I could fix that with thinner. So I bought it and it is a pretty good match to the cover. I think it's a bit darker than the actual cover but it's close enough.

Eleanor & Park

This cover is pretty much perfect for nail art. I just painted on Eleanor & Park on my fingers freehand using various polishes and then added the ampersand to connect them. I think they turned out really well. The ampersand isn't my best work but it gets the point across.

Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & Park

I got a ton of compliments when I wore this manicure. People don't always notice when I do nail art but I had at least 3 people comment on my nails in one day. I am about 1/3rd of the way through the book so far and it's great. It makes me a little sad though which is why I think it's taking me a little longer than usual to finish it. I am really enjoying it though and will finish it this week.

So that's it for Manicure Monday. Hope you all have a wonderful week! :)

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