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17 August 2012

Uncovered (27): Frost Burned

I saw this lovely cover at Comic Con and swooned. This might possibly be my favorite Mercy Thompson cover ever. They're all gorgeous but there is just something about this one that just screams Mercy to me. I love that her expression is a little bit soft but still with a glint of badass in it. Love the tats and her Mercy's hair is looking great. I also like the haziness of the background - it's mysterious and puts the emphasis on Mercy. I am a fan of all the covers, but this one is special. 

Dan Dos Santos, the artist behind the previous Mercy Thompson covers, also did this one. Dan has a large body of work and, if you're a fan of sci fi or urban fantasy, chances are you've seen Dan's work around. Definitely check out Dan's website to see more of his work and the blog that he co-writes with a collective of talented artists. Frost Burned will be published in March 2013 by Ace Roc.

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