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24 August 2012

Uncovered (28): Meant To Be

Welcome to another week of Uncovered, the place where I wax lyrical about awesome book covers. This week I am featuring Meant To Be by Lauren Morrill. This is a contemporary YA novel with a romantic twist. I love the colors on this cover as well as the indie hipster vibe of the couple on it. It kind of reminds me of 500 Days of Summer. It just has a really sweet, fun, romantic look to it. I am not usually a huge contemp person but this cover makes me want to read this book.

I don't know who the designer is, unfortunately. My ARC just has credits for the images, which look to be stock photos. I normally don't like stock photos but they're used really well here. Stock photos don't have to be cheesy, people.

What do you guys think? Love it or hate it? Since this reminds me of 500 Days of Summer, I will leave you with this cute video of JGL and Zooey Deschanel. Happy Friday!

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