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12 August 2012

ALA Summer Read-A-Thon Update

OK so I am not doing so well at the Read-A-Thon right now. My parents just left and I seriously have not had much time to read since they got here. I am on page 130 of Dark Companion right now. It's interesting but the pacing is a little slow. There are hints of darker things to come, but I want those dark things to happen NOW. Or soon, at least. My goal is to at least finish one book during the challenge. If I can do that, I will still consider it a success. I'll check back in at the end of the challenge with a final update.

Hope everyone is managing to stay cool. It's over 100 degrees where I am and I am just trying to hide from the heat. :( 

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  1. I know - it's so freaking hot! I've heard Dark Companion is a little slow going - hope it picks up for you soon. Hope you had a nice visit with your parents.


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