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27 August 2012

Kindle Deals

Hey, everyone! This is just a quick post with a few eBook deals I've seen lately. I can never resist a good eBook sale and it's always a good way to try out a new author or series. I can highly, highly recommend the Julia Quinn and Sarah MacLean books. They are two of my fave historical romance writers and those are the first books in two excellent series. If you've been curious about them, you should definitely pick them up at a great price.





(OMG I love both these books. Please buy them.)


(This price is for the entire series. A very good deal.)

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you found something to tickle your fancy. :)

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  1. That is a good deal for the Dark Swan series. Those are the only books I haven't read by Richelle Mead. Have you read them?
    Thanks for sharing these deals and recs!

    1. hi lucy! no i haven't read it yet. it's also the one series by richelle that i have not read. i kinda want this bundle even though i think i already have the first book on my kindle. but the price is really good. i'll probably cave.


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