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10 August 2012

Uncovered (26): Winterblaze

Hello! Welcome to another week at Uncovered, my cover love post of the week. Today we have the newest cover in Kristen Callihan's paranormal historical romance Darkest London series. If you haven't read Firelight and Moonglow from this series yet, you must. A mix of romance, mystery, and paranormal intrigue that is just fantastic. This is the third book in the series and focuses on Poppy, the third Ellis sister. 

All of the covers in this series are pretty awesome and this is no exception. I love Poppy's red hair and the fog rising ominously in the background. What I love the most is her dress and how it flows into what looks to be stormy waves. I am a little disappointed that it doesn't match the other covers in that they only featured the female character on them. Don't get me wrong, Win (man candy) on this cover, is hot. It just doesn't match quite as well to me. But it's still a gorgeous cover and I am really excited to read it. February is so far away...


  1. I agree about Poppy not being alone on the cover, but I can understand the possible reason why. Her sisters are both very independent women. They feel they can get along just fine without men. Poppy's stance in the previous books has always been her contentment with being married and having a husband. I think that's important to her, to have her male confidant. So it kind of makes sense, to my anyways. :P

    1. hi katrina! i never thought about it like that before but you're right. poppy was the only one who has had a happy marriage in the story. it does make sense that win would be on there with her. i cannot wait to read this one to see where their story goes.

    2. Neither can I. I just finished Moonglow the other night and wow! What an awesome story!


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