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04 August 2012

Shop Hop: The Pop-Hop - Highland Park, CA

Hello again! Welcome to a new feature on Nite Lite and RNSL. There's nothing better then visiting a bookstore. Be it one you've never been to before or your local shop, for a book lover, there's no better way to spend your afternoon than hanging out at a bookshop (unless it's spent reading). All of us on the blog love visiting new shops when we travel and well as hitting up our local indies. So we've decided to start a new feature where we'll take you on a bit of a virtual tour of a bookstore that we've visited recently.

For our first feature, we are going to The Pop-Hop, a bookshop, print studio & salon in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. The cozy used bookshop is happily situated on a hip block off of York Ave. Blink and you might miss it.

love the eye catching logo

cute storefront

shelves upon shelves of books

The store isn't very large but it's full of books. Alethea and I immediately made a beeline for the kids corner when we walked in. The bright and cozy corner has a really soft shag green rug and a shelf full of books and toys. It's the perfect place for sitting down with a child and a picture book (or, you know, just me and a picture book). 

that rug was really soft

picture books!

this book looked really cute

Despite its small size, the shop boasts a large and eclectic selection of used books. The store mainly focuses on literary fiction and art books though it has a nice assortment of non-fiction, craft, and children's books. The story is very organized and space is used efficiently. I really loved the atmosphere of the shop. It's a bookstore but it also feels like a cool museum or art space. The shelves are filled interesting trinkets and ephemera and there are little reading corners where you can sit and flip through a book. The books themselves feel like they were handpicked for the store. There are some popular and recognizable titles but also lesser known books that require a closer look. 

The shop also has a space at the back of the store which I think is for printing. We didn't get to see that area in action but it looked pretty cool.

lots of cookbooks

hello, baby cactus

Besides books, the shop also sells an assortment of zines and greeting cards as well as their own line of t-shirts and tote bags. Shop owner Sarah was also on hand to answer questions and was super friendly. There was a steady stream of shoppers that day, which made me happy. All in all, we had a really great time visiting the shop.  While you probably won't find the latest bestseller there, if you take the time, you may just find a hidden gem among the shelves. We definitely recommend this charming shop to all of you book lovers out there. If you go, let 'em know that the girls from Read Now Sleep Later sent you. 

We have more pictures of the shop on Flickr and on our Facebook page

We'd love to know if you visit the shop. If you've already been there, let us know what you thought of it in the comments.

The Pop-Hop
5002 York Blvd.
LA, CA 90042


  1. What a fun new feature! I love finding out about new bookstores and this one looks so cute. Looking forward to browsing there sometime.

  2. I like bookstores and libraries! I could spend hours in them. I like this one. It looks roomey even though it's filled with books. I also like that it has that lived in, cluttered look, which makes it very welcoming :)


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