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06 July 2013

Vamps vs. Zombies Blog Hop Sign-Ups

My Shelf Confessions

Hi, everyone! Anyone who knows me or has read this blog for a little while knows that I have a thing for the supernatural. Give me a vamp, fairy, or werewolf and I'm a happy camper. But two of my most favorite supernatural creatures are vampire and zombies, which is why I was super excited when my friend Kimberly from The Windy Pages tweeted me about this awesome hop that My Shelf Confessions is hosting next month. 

Yup - it's Vamps vs. Zombies! Who would win in an undead fight? Well I have an opinion on that but I think I'll save it for when the hop is in full swing. The hop runs from Aug 17-31 and I will be hosting a giveaway. I am not sure what I want to give away yet since there are so many awesome zombie and vampires books to choose from but it's going to be good, I promise. I'll also have some special posts next month on some of my favorite vampire and zombie books and films. I will also be trying to catch up on some of the zombie and vampire books that have been languishing in my TBR pile.

I think this is going to be a lot of fun. If you're interesting in signing up, head on over to My Shelf Confessions, read the rules and sign up. :)

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