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30 May 2014

Uncovered (110): The End Or Something Like That

Hello and happy Friday! This week has really flown by, which has been pretty great. I love the weekend! I know I did not get a review up this week but I am hoping to have one tomorrow. This week's Uncovered book is The End Or Something Like That by Ann Dee Ellis. I just saw this one the other day at Barnes & Noble (yes, I totally troll BN for covers to feature on the blog) and this one caught my eye. I love papercutting and, while this is not as intricate as some, I really like it. It's simple and interesting enough to not be boring. It also has a lot of depth when you see it in person. It doesn't look flat like some papercutting can look and has a real three dimensional quality.

From the description, this book sounds like a contemp YA that deals with grief and friendship. I am not sure I am getting that from the cover, but it sure is pretty.:)

That's my cover for this week. I hope you all have a fun, sun and cake filled weekend!

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