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11 May 2014

Stacked (106)

Inspired by Pop Culture Junkie and The Story Siren, Stacked is a weekly post where I share with you the books that I've bought, borrowed or received for the week.

Happy Mother's Day to those who celebrate and happy Sunday to everyone else. I hope you guys are all having a fantastic weekend. This has been a pretty low key weekend for me, which I am enjoying.  I am heading over to Once Upon a Time later this afternoon to see Morgan Matson and Jenny Han, which should be fun. So last week I went to a book signing with Abbi Glines & Tammara Webber. I was pretty good and only picked up a couple of books at the signing. I also picked up an early release, some DVDs and a couple of e-books this week.

Easy & Breakable by Tammara Webber - I actually have Easy as an e-book but could not resist getting both books at the BN signing.

Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren - This isn't supposed to be out until Tuesday but I saw it this weekend at BN. Of course I had to get it.

My pre-order of Veronica Mars came! And I picked up a copy of Frozen finally.

E-books (not pictured)

It Happened One Wedding by Julie James - I pre-ordered the e-book copy of this. It's the next book in the FBI series and I can't wait to read Vaughn's story!

The Kraken King Pt 4 by Meljean Brooke - I am dying here with this serialized novel.  I want to read it all NOW. Sigh. Eagerly awaiting Part 5 next week.

What new reads did you pick up this week?

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