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29 March 2014

What Does the Bookworm Say?: Television Shows

Hi and welcome to a new feature here on Nite Lite called What Does the Bookworm Say? that I am doing with my friends at The Reader's AntidoteElegantly Bound Books and The Windy Pages. This week's topic is about Television Shows. This post is super late because I forgot to schedule it. But here it is so enjoy!

I am not a huge television watcher. I like TV but find that it's a very large time commitment and it often takes me months or years to get to and finish a series. And I don't have traditional cable so I don't watch shows as they air. While I don't watch a lot of television, here are a few shows that I am currently into.

Veronica Mars - I am super late to the party on this one. I only watches the series late last year but immediately fell in love with it. Veronica Mars is the kind of person you want on your side when sh*t goes down.

Orphan Black - Loved season 1 of this crazy show from BBC. I don't want to say much except that it's about clones and it's awesome. I cannot wait for season 2 to start this year!

Archer - I have an obsession with this animated show. It took me a few episodes to get into it but, once I did, I was hooked. It's totally inappropriate and ridiculous but I love it. If you're a fan of Bob's Burgers, you'll recognize the voice of Sterling Archer as that of Bob. H. Jon Benjamin is great in both roles but Archer is my favorite of the two.

Helix - Finally, a show on SyFy that isn't terribly cheesy with bad special effects. Helix is a sci fi drama about an outbreak in a research facility in Antarctica. The show is tense and unpredictable and I have an affinity for stories about outbreaks and disease.

House of Cards - I've only seen 4 episodes of this show so far but I can see why people like it so much. I don't know if I love it just yet but it's certainly compelling and I do love Kevin Spacey. The show may be a little intense for me but I am going to keep watching to see where it goes.

Sherlock - I loved the first two seasons of this show. Of course Benedict Cumberbatch is great as Sherlock but it's really Martin Freeman's long suffering Watson that makes the show for me. He's the perfect foil for Sherlock and I love the dynamic between the two.

The Voice - I am not one for reality TV but I love watching The Voice. My favorite seasons are the ones with Blake, Adam, Christina and CeeLo. Shakira and Usher are fine but I think the original 4 judges have the best chemistry. I also like that the vibe of the show is positive but constructive vs snarky. It's my guilty pleasure viewing.

Psych - One of the most random and hilarious shows ever. I've been watching since day 1 and I just love it. Their panels at Comic-Con are always the best and I am really sad that the show is ending this year.

Those are the shows I am watching the most right now. I know there are lots more that I need to get to but, knowing me, it'll take some time. What are your favorite shows? Let me know in the comments below and I'll add them to the queue.  Have a lovely weekend!

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