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04 March 2014

Liv's Current Obsession: Why I Love Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Frequently, I find myself thanking Alethea (@frootjoos) over at Read Now, Sleep Later for introducing me to new television series.  Two of my favorites are Murdoch Mysteries from Canada and Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries from Australia.  I seriously think she has everyone watching these.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries takes place in Melbourne in the later 1920's, one of my favorite time periods.  It features actress, Essie Davis as the Honourable Miss Phryne Fisher, who fights injustice and solves murders with the help of a great cast of characters, a gold-plated pistol, and a dagger hidden under her skirt.  Shouldn't all heroines have a little something tucked away in case of a dangerous situation?

Miss Fisher is a great character, and far ahead of her time. She is glamorous, and fashionable, and yes, saucy. Here are some of the reasons I love Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries....

1.  Miss Fisher has an incredible wardrobe.  While I love the dresses the women wear on Downton Abbey, Miss Fisher puts them all to shame.  She has such a great sense of style and the confidence to pull it all off.  Plus, I love all of her hats and hair accessories.    

2.  Miss Fisher often ignores what is socially acceptable. - In the first episode, you come to meet Miss Fisher's friend Doctor Mac.  There are certain behaviors that are socially acceptable in every time period, and one of the things that I appreciate about Miss Fisher is that she stands by her friends regardless of how society views them. 

3. Miss Fisher inspires loyalty. - If you watch the show for any length of time you will know that Miss Fisher seems to draw people to her with ease. She is charming and I think that is part of it, but more than that she inspires a sense of loyalty and is generous to those around her.  Burt and Cec are two characters whose help she enlists in the first episode and who would continue to do anything for her.  It doesn't hurt that she bought them a very nice car to help out with their taxi business.

3. Miss Fisher isn't afraid to use her feminine wiles. Inspector Detective Jack Robinson and Constable Hugh Collins are the main law enforcement in the series.  Miss Fisher's penchant for getting into trouble or finding herself in the midst of whatever murder or scuffle in Melbourne means she is constantly running into the Inspector and Constable.  Despite their annoyance at her for getting in the middle of police work, if truth be told, they both appreciate her intelligence, keen eye, and ability to read situations.  However, she isn't above trying to manipulate, particularly, Constable Collins to get the information she needs.

4. Miss Fisher has the best house staff. - Though this may not be Downton Abbey with a full household of staff, Miss Fisher does have a lady's maid and a butler.  Dot is a proper Catholic girl who at times finds Miss Fisher's behavior a bit scandalous but at the same time would do nearly anything to help her, while secretly enjoying herself.  Mr. Butler, yes that is what he is called, is able to run the household and tackle unwanted guests without becoming ruffled.  I have already mentioned that I love how Miss Fisher inspires loyalty, but I would love to have a team of people to help me with both my home and work tasks.

5.  Miss Fisher has some great "family". - In the first episode, we meet Phyrne's very proper and uptight Aunt Prudence, who is always trying to get Miss Fisher to be a more proper lady.  Additionally, Phyrne finds herself taking in an orphan named Jane who was a pickpocket among other things. Both of these relationships provide viewers with a different view of Phyrne.

6. Miss Fisher is not afraid of her inner vixen.  - Miss Fisher has an eye for handsome men and isn't afraid to pursue them or have her way with them. She makes it clear that she is not interested in a long-term relationship, but she is happy to let her inner vixen out to play.  Of course, most of us are still hoping for a little something to develop between Miss Fisher and Inspector Robinson.

7.  Miss Fisher is also not afraid to do a little match-making. - Miss Fisher is happy to offer both Dot (her Lady's Maid) and Constable Collins some dating advice.  They make a cute couple don't you think?

8.  Miss Fisher is always up for an adventure.  - In any given episode, you might find Miss Fisher dancing the tango, or climbing into a second story window, or even flying a plane. Occasionally, it causes the Inspector to do a little eye-rolling, but I love her spirit.

The second season of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries will be available on DVD on March 27th, and you can check out the first season on Netflix now.

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