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05 April 2013

Uncovered (58): Archangel's Legion

Friday, oh how I have missed you. :) Hi, everyone! Thanks for coming back (or coming for the first time). This week on Uncovered, I have the newest cover in Nalini Singh's Guild Hunter series, Archangel's Legion. As with the rest of the covers in the series, this one was done by Tony Mauro. The Guild Hunter covers have been somewhat hit and miss for me. There are those I love (Archangel's Kiss) and those that just look awkward (Archangel's Blade). However, I love this one. Elena looks badass with her crossbow and her wings are fabulous. Love that we can see the Tower in the background as well. I am glad that this book is going back to Elena and Raphael as well. I mean, I enjoy the stories about the others in Raphael's court but I have been missing he and Elena. Archangel's Legion does not come out until October unfortunately, which seems so far away. At least I have this pretty cover to lust after now.

Anyone else excited about reading more Elena and Raphael?

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for showing the cover!

    I have missed them. They stay on my Nook and do not ever go to storage. I actually didn't think I would like the series when it first came out. I waited months to get the first book. Then I was upset with myself for waiting.



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