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28 April 2013

Stacked (52)

Hello, everyone. Thanks for all the well wishes and concern about my dad. Everything went great on Friday and he's back home and doing well. By the the time you guys read this I will probably be on the road back to L.A. Since I was traveling this week, I really didn't have any time to do any book buying (which is a good thing). I actually got a lot of reading done this weekend. Now I just need to find some time to write some reviews. :) I did manage to get a few things though so check 'em out below.

For Review

Love Me (Take A Chance #2) by Diane Alberts - Received from Entangled Publishing. No cover image on GR yet even though this one releases in a few weeks. But it looks fun and Entangled usually puts out a good romance.

Desire by Design by Paula Altenburg - Another one sent from Entangled. There's no GR page for this one at all which is confusing to me since I was told the release date is May 13. This one is a bit of a mystery for now.


Just One Day by Gayle Forman - I bought this when I saw Gayle last week. There's a shy girl, a cute boy and lots of traveling in it, which sounds right up my alley. 

That's my baby haul for this week. Hope everyone is having a fun and relaxing weekend!

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