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15 April 2013

Manicure Monday (12): Magic Bites

It's Monday, which means it's time to show off my current read and manicure. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a little sneak peek I posted over the weekend of today's mani.

Magic Bites

Magic Bites

As you can see, my Kate Daniels obsession continues and this week's MM is Magic Bites with Color Club Editorial. By the time you all read this I will actually have read all of the published books in the series as well as the one spinoff book. After reading Magic Bites, I knew exactly which polish I wanted to use to represent the book. Editorial is a really love green and gold duochrome. If you don't know, a duochrome is a polish that has color shifts. As you can see, this one shirts from a dark, mossy green to gold. I thought this color embodied the idea of the shifters with the way it changes color. The shapeshifters are very important in the Kate Daniels world and the dual nature of this polish seemed like a perfect fit. I also like that one of the colors in it is a really brilliant gold, reminding me of a certain furry pack leader's eyes. :) 

Thanks for stopping by this week. Let me know what you're reading or wearing on your nails in the comments below.


  1. Such a cool manicure! I love that green/gold and how it matches the book cover. Clever to think of the shifters tie-in too :)

  2. Ooh love this! I'd post one but I think I already posted the book I'm starting tonight, haha. I've just been sitting on it for 2 months XD Please please take me nail polish shopping with you :)


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