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20 April 2013

Frosted - Short Story Review

Frosted by Wendy Sparrow
Publication date: January 2013 by Entangled Publishing
ISBN 10/13: 1622668601 | 97816226688601
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Category:  Adult Paranormal Romance
Keywords:  Romance, fantasy, ever after, contemporary
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased

Synopsis from GoodReads:

Seven years ago, Kate Finley fell through the ice into the Winter World and straight into the heart of its king, Jack Frost. Then cold feet set in and Kate ran from the one man who made her feel complete.

Jack let his queen go back to the mortal world to say goodbye but she escaped out of his reach to sunny Florida. Now time is short, and he must convince his runaway bride to give him a second chance to melt her heart.

Recently, I was on a hunt for novellas that were happy ever after stories. I like something short for when I don't have a lot of time or to squeeze between longer reads. As I was perusing Entangled Publisher's website, I noticed this one by Wendy Sparrow. I have followed Sparrow on Twitter for awhile and was curious to read her book.

In Frosted, Sparrow has created two characters who are both flawed and in many ways, relationally challenged. Kate Finley is a young mortal woman from a broken family. Both of her parents had no idea how to be married and as a result, Kate suffers from fear of repeating their patterns. Jack Frost isn't exactly what we have seen before. He has lived essentially alone in the Winter World for 200 years. He is impulsive and not really very good about communicating but better at showing or doing. There is a prediction that Kate will enter his world to be his queen. He is excited about this but has no idea how to really court her or be in a relationship with this mortal. Kate is fascinated and overwhelmed by her arrival in Jack's world. She does not fully understand the meaning of everything and beings to feel trapped at the prospective of a forever relationship with Jack.

After the introduction to Jack & Kate, the story picks up seven years later. Jack and Kate have essentially been estranged for all those year except for during the evening/in her dreams. Much of the story deals with how Jack has been trying to win Kate back and how Kate has misunderstood much of his attempts. When Kate realizes that there may be serious consequences to her choice, and Jack begins to communicate more, the two have some significant decisions before they can reach their happy ever after.

This story was part second chance and part HEA. Readers will find themselves experiencing the same emotions that Jack and Kate struggle with through the story. Jack's attempts to court Kate are charming. Kate's struggle to recognize that her parents' relationship is not necessarily the one she is destined to have with Jack was frustrating at times though understandable. Though the romantic scenes are not very explicit, there is still a steamy element to their relationship. And the end was very sweet and charming.

I definitely enjoyed this short story and read it in one sitting. I am looking forward to further stories from Sparrow.

Visit the author online at www.wendysparrow.com and follow her on Twitter @wendysparrow

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