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25 May 2012

Demonic - Giveaway (Kindle)

Garon Cockrell is the Pop Culture Beast

He has also penned a book called Demonic and Other Tales (doorQ.com publishing, 2011).

I know it's not our usual fare, but if you love horror, it's a must-read! I was trying to wait until an appropriately scary time, like mid-October, to get people in the freaking-out mood. But let's face it, if Cabin in the Woods can come out at Easter, you can have some horror in the middle of May. 

This collection of scream-worthy short stories includes "Demonic," "Eggs," "Home Alone," "What's Your Pleasure?," "The Strange Tale of Griffin Shard," "Looking Glass," "Interrogation," "Manny," "Prelude," and "Haven."

"Eggs" is also in the process of being made into a short film.

Garon also tweets about music, movies, and lots of other stuff, so don't feel like following him on Twitter 
is going to just lock you in to a bunch of tweets about the book ;)

You can enter to win a Kindle copy of Demonic!

Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. Winner(s) will be chosen June 1. 
If at least 100 entries come in by the end of the contest, I will give away 2 Kindle copies.
If at least 300 entries come in by the end of the contest, I will give away 3 Kindle copies.

And if you don't win, relax! You can get it yourself for just $2.99 on Amazon.com.

Insert evil laugh [here]

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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