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12 May 2012

Stacked (3): Summer Reads

Hi, kids! Hope you're all having a nice, relaxing weekend. I thought it was going to be a light book week but I ended up going to the library and buying a few eBooks. I also went to the Summer Lovin' Tour featuring authors Jenny Han, Morgan Matson and Jessi Kirby and ended up buying a bunch of books there. I also strayed a bit into Netgalley even though I am on a NG diet. But I was good and only requested one book that I really wanted. 

Did y'all see The Avengers last weekend? I did and it was so much fun. Exactly what I wanted in a summer movie. And Jeremy Renner - yes, please! Now, onto the books!


Insurgent by Veronica Roth -  I was surprised to get Insurgent because I was sure there would be a huge waitlist but it came in. I have one other book to read before I can start this one. 

Remembrance by Michelle Madow - I see this one online all the time and was curious about it.


Hourglass by Myra McIntyre - How awesome is this cover? Another one that I see in blogland a lot but never got around to. It was available for Kindle on my library's Overdrive so I picked it up.

Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris - This one I borrowed from my friend K who borrowed it from the library. I am on the waitlist for a copy but she got one first. I am going to try to get to it this weekend so I can give it back to her.


The Summer I Turned Pretty, It's Not Summer Without You, and We'll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han - Like I said, I went to the Summer Lovin' Tour and could not resist these pretty paperbacks. I haven't read any of this series yet and think I might make it my fun summer read.

Amy & Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson - Another Summer Lovin' purchase. I am a big fan of road trips so I thought I'd read about one. 

The Summons (A Goblin Prince Prequel) by Shona Husk - This prequel to Husk's Goblin Prince series was free on Kindle this week. I haven't read The Goblin Prince but do want to so I picked this up.

Tangled Tides by Karen Amanda Hooper - This one was free on Kindle as well. Honestly, I've been seeing it in the blogosphere and, while I enjoy mermaids, the cover turned me off. It's so awkward looking. It made me think of maybe doing a new feature on the blog where I talk about covers that I don't like. 

Improper Relations by Juliana Ross - I read a good review of this by Stella and decided to buy it. It's less than $3 on Kindle right now. 

For Review

Lethal Rider (Lords of Deliverance #3) by Larissa Ione - Thank you NetGalley for this one. I am a big fan of Larissa Ione and, even though I didn't love the last Lords book, I am really looking forward to seeing what happens in this installment. 

That's it for me. Sorry I didn't link my books to Goodreads this week. I am way too tired to look up the links right now. I hope you all have a great weekend. And, because I can, I leave you with some eye candy for the weekend. TTYL!

why, yes, i am fondling my arrows.


  1. What a great haul you had this week Thuy, and I'm so glad you got yourself a copy of Improper Relations! :-D I have to tell you with writing my review and discussing it with others now I want to reread it ;-D Enjoy your books have a great Sunday!

    1. thanks for the rec, stella! i am hoping to get to it soon. :)

  2. Totally forgot to include Netgalley books in my Stacking post. UGH.

    Enjoy your books and thanks for stopping by.

  3. Pup-
    are you going to ad a linky? Just wondering.
    Like the icon for Stacked. Looking good. Improper Relations looks hot!

    1. no linky. easier to just do my own thing. are you going to do a haul post? or maybe it's best not to know. hug the buns for me.

  4. A lot of great books there to read, what a haul! Lethal Rider looks like it will be a steamy read :)

    Book Enslaved

  5. I really liked Hourglass. I need to get Deadlocked soon. Love Eric! I also got Tangled Tides and I love the cover. I've heard it's really good. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. I haven't gotten a chance to read Deadlocked yet. Hope we both like it: )

  7. That reminds me that i need to buy "Lethal rider" lol.
    Haven't heard of many of the others though, seem interesting i'll have to check them out.

  8. These books look really good!!! must look them up!!

  9. That's amazing. Insurgent and Hourglass are a couple of my favorites! And I want to read Remembrance.

  10. That's amazing. Insurgent and Hourglass are a couple of my favorites! And I want to read Remembrance.

  11. Hehehe I was gunna comment on the lovely list of books but I think Jeremy Renner's picture is the funniest thing ever!!! Lol

    1. haha thanks, maghon. i love the eye candy!


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