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21 May 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Sites I Read That Aren't About Books

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week focuses on a different topic and you make a top ten list from it! This week's topic is: Blogs/Sites You Read That AREN'T about Books.

Love this topic. I am really excited to see what book bloggers read besides book blogs. :) Let me just preface this list by telling you that my main hobbies/interests are: reading, knitting, and baking/cooking. Therefore you will see that most of the blogs I read are about these things. And I love makeup/nail polish and read nail polish blogs (yes, they exist).  Leave links to your TTT and I'll be happy to stop by. Thanks!

Joy The Baker - One of my favorite cooking blogs. Joy is super funny and sounds like your sarcastic best friend but with cookies. She just put out a cookbook this year as well. 

Smitten Kitchen - Another fantastic cooking blog. I love the recipes on this blog and the pictures of delicious food. Another blog that is coming out with a cookbook later this year. I am so pre-ordering it. 

One Sheepish Girl - I am a new reader to Meredith's blog but I really enjoy it. It's sort of a fashion/lifestyle/crafting blog. Meredith has a great voice and I love her pictures. 

David Lebovitz - Fantastic writer and award winning chef/baker, David is funny and smart and loves food. I enjoy his recipes and reading about his exploits living in Paris.

A Beautiful Mess - A really fun, colorful lifestyle blog. There's always so much inspiration for style, food, crafting and many other things on this blog. 

Ravelry - Ravelry is a fantastic website for knitters and crocheters. There's a huge database of patterns and yarns, not to mention message boards and groups. It's a really awesome way to keep track of your knitting projects and interact with the knitting community. 

The Polishaholic - One of my favorite nail polish blogs. I love the clear, detailed images and the regular updates. Many of the polishes featured on the blog end up on my wishlist. 

Nails and Noms - I am a fairly new reader to this nail polish blog but I am a big fan. Again, great pictures and she features a wide variety of nail polish colors and brands. 

Cute Overload - I think the title says it all. If you like pics of adorable animals then Cute Overload is the place for you.

Pinterest - I am actually not on Pinterest as much as a lot of people I know. I do like it but I just don't surf the web all that much during the day or I often do it on my phone. And the Pinterest mobile app sucks. But I do enjoy it and really like pinning recipes. It's a really great way to collect all of the online recipes that I want to try. If you're on, leave me a link to your profile and I'll check it out. I am fishgirl182 on Pinterest if anyone wants to see what I am pinning.

That's my Top Ten Tuesday this week. I'd love to know what non-bookish sites everyone else frequents so leave your links and I'll stop by. :)


  1. I'm going to check out sooo many of these! Especially One Sheepish Girl and A Beautiful Mess! They sound fantastic.

  2. Love all the cooking sites. I'm a lover of Pinterest too.
    Angela @ AJ Arndt Books Blog

  3. I'll have to check some of those out. Thanks for stopping by my TTT! I'm following you back.

  4. I love finding recipes on Pinterest. I have yet to actually make any of them, but they all look so delicious! I have to check out some of the other blogs on your list they sound awesome, thanks!


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