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24 June 2014

Extended Trailer: The Flash

Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that they were making a show about The Flash. However, I didn't realize that it had already gone into production and that there were promos and clips already available. I have never read The Flash so I am not familiar with this character at all. The show is from the producers of Arrow, which makes me a little wary, since I am not a big fan of that show. Granted, I have only seen a few episodes and have been meaning to give it another try. This extended trailer is pretty long and gives you a good idea about the tone of the show. I support all comic book endeavors even if I am not info them because it hopefully just opens doors for more of them. I'll give this one a chance. I am not sure about that running around the tornado thing though. I kept thinking he should just run into the guy controlling the tornado to stop it but I am sure there were other circumstances...

The Flash hits television screens everywhere this fall.

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