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27 April 2014

Stacked (104)

Inspired by Pop Culture Junkie and The Story Siren, Stacked is a weekly post where I share with you the books that I've bought, borrowed or received for the week.

Hi, everyone. I am off to a bit of a late start today. Spent most of yesterday volunteering for the Pasadena Teen Book Festival. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw some pics that I posted. It was a really cool event and I'll probably be blogging about it over at Read Now Sleep Later in the next week or two. But I showed amazing restraint and only purchased one book yesterday. Let's see what I got this week!


This is the one book I bought at the festival. It's There Will Come a Time by Carrie Arcos. I had a chance to chat with Carrie yesterday and hear her speak and was just really impressed by her. I was also intrigued because the book from the point of view of a Filipino-American male. Carrie herself is not Filipino and when I asked her about why she chose to write the character as such, she said that she thinks that there needs to be more diversity in YA and that she, as a writer, was someone who could try to do something about that. There was more to it, but I thought that was really cool and it's also set in Eagle Rock, which is close to where I live. He also has a twin sister and, having a twin brother myself, any stores featuring brother/sister twins always interests me. 

I bought the entire 4-book Hearts of Anemoi series by Laura Kaye for less than $2 this week. Yes, you hear that right. The bundle for books 1-3 was on sale for $0.99 and book 4, which just came out this week, was also $0.99. I am not sure if the prices will still be this low when this post goes up, but you should definitely get these books if they are. I have heard really good things about them and am really excited to have all 4 now.

For Review

The Last Good Night (Parts I - V) by Tiffany Reisz - Another entry into the serialized book format. But this one is from one of my favorite authors so I had to request it.

Arrow by Monica Murphy - I am not usually into Highland romances but this one caught my eye on NetGalley. I mean, look at those abs.

And the book I am most excited about....

The Saint by Tiffany Reisz!! I was really surprised to see this one up on NetGalley this week. I downloaded it ASAP and can't wait to start. I have a couple of things to read this weekend but am hoping to begin this one next week.

That's my book haul this week. Have a lovely Sunday!

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