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20 April 2014

Stacked (103): WonderCon Edition

Inspired by Pop Culture Junkie and The Story Siren, Stacked is a weekly post where I share with you the books that I've bought, borrowed or received for the week.

Hi, everyone. Sorry for the late post but I was too pooped last night to write this before I went to bed. Yesterday I spent the day in Anaheim for WonderCon. It's like a smaller version of Comic-Con. It's very fun and is also nice because there are way less people than at SDCC, meaning I can get into many of the panels and see authors without waiting in crazy long lines.  I decided to only go on Saturday since I could not get Friday off and I didn't want to commit to a whole weekend there. Saturday also had more panels that I was interested in.

My first panel was for writer Gail Simone. She currently writes the popular Batgirl and Red Sonja series for DC. I'll probably talk about her panel at a later date but it was really good and I managed to get to her signing later that afternoon and had my copy of Batgirl Vol 1 signed.

Then it was off to a couple of signings at Mysterious Galaxy. I bought 2 copies of Marjorie Liu's book Labyrinth of Stars (one is for a blog giveaway). I love Marjorie. She's also so sweet and fun to see.

Also got to see authors Christina Lauren again. Always love seeing them and we had a nice chat about their upcoming books. I got copies of my Beautiful Bastard series signed as well an ARC of Sublime (!). Apparently they had copies of Dirty Filthy Boy the day before but ran out. :(

That's my brief recap of WonderCon 2014. I had a blast and hope I can go for more than one day next year. Alright, below is my total book haul for the day.

As you can see, I also picked up a couple of trade paperbacks at WonderCon, including Saga Vol 3 and Sex Criminals. I have heard good things about Sex Criminals and hope it lives up to the hype.

Thanks for checking out today's haul post with me. I hope you are having a lovely Easter if you celebrate. I might go out in search of some Easter candy. :)

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