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10 January 2014

Uncovered (92): The Double Life of Incorporate Things

I admit that I judge books by their covers. I love pretty covers, which is why I started Uncovered, a weekly feature where I share with you one of my current cover loves. Come take a look!

Hi, guys! Happy Friday! This week went by soooo slow for me. I am almost over my cold and am starting to get back to my normal routine. This week's featured cover is The Double Life of Incorporate Things by Leanna Renee Hieber. Double Life is the third book in Hieber's Magic Most Foul series. All of the books in this series are really different and all beautiful in their own way. However, I think this one might be my favorite out of all of them.

At first glance this may just look like another pretty face cover. However, look closer and you start to see that there is something going on underneath the surface. I love the map and the faint skull details. It definitely makes you look twice!  I like things that are slightly creepy but still pretty, and that definitely fits the bill here. I haven't started this series yet, but I plan to. I have the first book on my Kindle already and this pretty cover is making me want to catch up in the series.

Love it, hate it? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks!

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