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27 January 2014

Manicure Monday (48): Sea Glass

Manicure Monday is a weekly feature that combines my love of nail polish and reading. Each week I'll show you one of my current reads along with what's on my nails.

Well it looks like Monday has come around again. It seems to do that quite often. :) Today's Manicure Monday is Sea Glass by Maria V. Snyder. This was a part of the series of manicures I did to celebrate the release of Snyder's new book Taste of Darkness. I am currently reading an ARC that doesn't have a cover so I thought I'd show you guys this one. It was pretty simple to do with fun results.

First, I painted 2 coats of Sephora by OPI Mermaid to Order on all of my nails. Mermaid to Order is a very pretty metallic blue-green shade that reminds me of, you guessed it, the ocean. 

Then, using a small nail brush, I painted a starfish on my middle finger with CND Silver ChromeTo create the bumpy, sand-like texture I wanted to go for, I used two textured polishes. (Side note: In case you don't know, textured polishes are a somewhat recent trend in nail polishes and refers to polishes that are meant to be work without top coat and dry to a gritty, sand-like texture).. The two polishes I used were Julie G Sleigh Ride (blue texture) and Julie G Silver Bells (silver texture). I used a makeup sponge to sponge the blue and silver onto my nails to create a textured surface that I hope mimicked the look of sand and ocean. I used a nail brush with the same textured polishes to create texture and depth on the starfish.

This is the finished look. I am not sure why my fingers looks so skinny here, but they do. This was a super easy look to do and it would be really easy to re-create on your non-dominant hand as well.

I hope you all liked today's manicure. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Have a fantastic week!


  1. Looks so good!! I love that I can see the texture of them! I've said it before, but you're talented!

  2. Gorgeous as usual! I don't know about super easy to do though :-)

    Tanya Patrice


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