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19 January 2014

Stacked (90)

Hi, everyone and welcome to Stacked, a weekly post where I share with you the books that I have bought, borrowed or received during the week.

Are you guys having a good weekend? Mine is going awesomely. Yesterday I spent most of the day knitting and eating crazy amounts of cheese with friends. I even tried baked brie for the first time and it was amazing. Today I am seeing Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and possibly having donuts. And I have tomorrow off for MLK Day so yes, the weekend is off to a great start.

This week's book haul is pretty light. I am still aiming to read a lot of books I have and, to tell the truth, there hasn't been anything that I have been dying to get so it's been pretty easy not to buy. I am sure that will change soon though because I think some really good stuff is coming out in the next few months. 

For Review

Misbehaving by Tiffany Reisz - I must read everything Tiffany Reisz writes. This is a novella about a woman who writes a blog column about sex. I should be reviewing this soon.

The Given by Vicki Pettersson - Even though I am way behind in this series I could not resist getting this one. I love all of the covers to this series, too. I will probably get them all in physical form one day. 


Precious Blood & Passionaries by Tonya Hurley - I actually won one of those Goodreads contests (that I never win) and it came really quickly. I am so behind on this series and, now that I have both books, I plan on starting it soon.

That is my book haul this week. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!

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