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21 June 2013

Uncovered (69): No One Else Can Have You

No One Else Can Have You by Kathleen Hale

Thanks for stopping by Uncovered, my weekly cover love post.

Happy Friday, all. Summer's in full swing here and I really cannot believe that June is midway over. This year is seriously flying by. So this week's cover love goes to No One Else Can Have You by Kathleen Hale. This just calls out to the knitter in me. I really get a kick out of seeing knitting featured like this. I also like that it looks like a sweet little fair isle sweater until you look a little closer and see the moose in a noose (whoa, rhyming!). I like slightly subversive crafts and this cover is definitely fun and unique.  The premise of the book sounds promising as well. A murder and teen sleuthing? Sign me up!

Small towns are nothing if not friendly. Friendship, Wisconsin (population: 688) is no different. Around here, everyone wears a smile. And no one ever locks their doors. Until, that is, high school sweetheart Ruth Fried is found murdered. Strung up like a scarecrow in the middle of a cornfield.

Unfortunately, Friendship’s police are more adept at looking for lost pets than catching killers. So Ruth’s best friend, Kippy Bushman, armed with only her tenacious Midwestern spirit and Ruth’s secret diary (which Ruth’s mother had asked her to read in order to redact any, you know, sex parts), sets out to find the murderer. But in a quiet town like Friendship—where no one is a suspect—anyone could be the killer.

No One Else Can Have You doesn't come out until Jan 2014 unfortunately, which means I have quite a wait for it. Anyone else excited about this one?

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