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29 June 2013

On Vacation

Yup, I am officially on vacation. I'm not going anywhere super exciting. Just another trip up to see my parents and my family. But it'll be a nice break from L.A. and work. Plus, I think it's going to be 100 degrees here and my parents live in much balmier climates.  I plan on eating a lot of home cooked food and, of course, reading. I've been in a real reading slump for about a month and I am hoping the down time will let me catch up on reading and reviews. Wanna see what I'm packing?

It's a bit foggy but you can see a few library books I am bringing as well as my ARC of Scarlet, which I shamefully have not read yet. A few bottles of nail polish (there's I am bringing way more np home) and my knitting are also making the trip with me. I am also bringing my Kindle which has a whole buttload of books that I need to read. I really do love having a Kindle when I travel.

Anyone else agonize about what books to bring on vacation? Do you pack an e-reader or go old school - or both? I'd love to know. Alright - have a great weekend. Even though I am on vacation I'll still be posting so you'll see me next week. :)

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