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24 June 2013

Manicure Monday (21): Siege and Storm

Well it's Monday again. Funny how it keeps coming around week after week. :) But the good thing about Mondays is that it means another manicure that I get to show off. I am cheating a bit this week and am using a manicure that I did a couple of weeks ago. I attended the Siege and Storm launch party earlier this month and wanted to create a special manicure for the event. I actually had some trouble coming up with ideas for this manicure and had a couple of failed attempts before hitting on this one. However, I was very happy with the final result and it's one of my favorite manicures to date. Take a look.

I thought about mimicing some of the lines on the book but then decided against it since doing straight lines is hard for me. Instead I decided to focus on the dragon on the cover, namely the scales. They're not very prominent on the cover, but you can see them on the edges of the book cover.

To create the scales I used a black creme (Wet N Wild Black) as a base. I then stamped a pattern from Cheeky plate CH4 over it using Urban Outfitters silver holo, an awesome holographic polish. I originally tried stamping with a different pattern but it didn't look scale-like enough for me and I ended up switching to this pattern, which I like a lot better.

For my thumb, I knew I wanted to do an accent nail. I tried doing a sort of sunburst with red and grey but I totally messed it up because I didn't let it try long enough before taping it off. I wiped that all off and was going to try again but, after putting on my base (a burgundy from CND), the idea crept into my head to try drawing the dragon onto my nail. I really wasn't going to attempt this because I was already tired and thought  it was going to turn out terrible. But, like most of my decisions in life, I decided not to go with common sense and just went for it. Happily I think it turned out really well.

For the dragon I used a white striper. The brush was a little too long for fine work but I managed. Added orange accents on the mane and a tiny red eye. I am actually really impressed with myself for not messing this up. I ended up wearing this manicure for almost a week without any chips. I loved seeing the rainbow scales in the sunlight and my tiny little dragon every day. 

I hope you liked this week's manicure. Thanks for coming by. If you decide to participate, please leave your link in the widget below. Have a great week!


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