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18 October 2013

Uncovered (84): Perfect Ruin

Happy Friday, guys. Man this has really been a week and I am soooo happy that it's Friday. I plan on reading a lot this weekend (have to start my book club book) and catching a movie or two. I know I owe you guys some event recaps so I'll work on that, too.

This week's featured cover is Perfect Ruin by Lauren Destefano. I've had my eye on this cover since I first saw it. I love the contrasting colors with the navy blue and red. Also love the illustration accents with the steampunk motifs. There is something romantic yet haunting about this image. The girl isn't in complete focus and it just looks sort magical. Sorry my description is pretty lame I know but basically I think this cover is awesome.

Has anyone else been lusting over this cover? I can't wait to see it in person when the book comes out. Thanks for stopping by and happy Friday!

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