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20 October 2013

Stacked (77): YABC Book Swap

Happy Sunday, friends. Have you all been enjoying your weekend? It's still quite warm here in California so I have been able to enjoy being outside a bit. It is getting cooler at night though, which is nice, and it's starting to feel more like fall. I bought a few baby pumpkins over the weekend, and am starting to get my Halloween on.  I have a pretty awesome book haul this week. I did a little Kindle shopping and made out like a bandit at the YABC book swap (but more on that later).

My friends sometimes make fun of me because I have this crazy long Amazon wishlist. I use it really as a means to remember things I want to reach/check out. With Goodreads now it's a bit easier to just mark things as Want To Read instead of putting them on my wishlist, but it's still really long. Occasionally I will go through it and cull things and see if anything has dropped in price. I was able to snag a couple of great deals this week because of that.

Duke of Midnight by Elizabeth Hoyt - This is the newest book in Hoyt's Maiden Lane series and was just released. I have been waiting for this one and the Kindle price was less than $4. Sold! Already read this one and it's prety awesome.

Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland Stone - This is one from my wishlist that I noticed had gone on sale. No doubt it did so because the second book in the series is coming out really soon, but I never would have known had I not been going through my wishlist. It was only $1.99 when I bought it earlier this week. Not sure if it's still on sale but you should definitely check if you want it. I hear good things about this series.

So the other part of my haul this week came from the YABC Book Swap. YABC is the Young Adult Book Council, a great group in Los Angeles that started with a book club but they also put on other types of events. It's a small group and consists of librarians, educators, bloggers and YA enthusiasts. Every once in a while they will organize a swap where you can bring in books and also take books. My goal is to bring back less than I brought. This time I think I broke about even, but I got an awesome stack of books. And this was only a small selection of it. If you live in the LA area and are interested in future YABC events (including future swaps), follow @yabc_la on Twitter for updates. The turnout was good and I was glad to see some of the bloggers we met at the LAPL Teen Book Fest there.

I am not going to list all of these books because I am way too lazy but I am most excited for This Song Will Save Your Life, Rot & Ruin, The Faerie Ring and The Beautiful & The Cursed. My friend was making fun of me because I definitely picked up a lot of books because of their covers. What can I say? I love a good cover.

That's my book haul for this week. Now I need to go make myself presentable because I am finally going to see Gravity this afternoon. Space freaks me out so I am sure I will come back a bit traumatized, but I hear it's amazing. If you have a book haul post, link it in the comments below and I'll stop by. Have a wonderful afternoon!

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