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06 April 2012

Uncovered (8): The Peculiars

I think I am in a steampunk state of mind right now. I really love this cover to Maureen Doyle McQuerry's The Peculiars. The little steampunk details in the lettering are great and what the heck is that dirigible in the background? Looks ominous. I love the wings and her white blonde hair. She looks strong but still vulnerable. The colors and painting style make this one look really dreamy and a little otherworldly. Click here to see the full wraparound image.

The cover artist on this is Cliff Nielson who also did the covers for Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments series (also great). I am definitely going to pick this one up when it comes out in May.


  1. It's a gorgeous cover isn't it :)

  2. I thought you borrowed this from me?!! Was that a different book with the same name?

    1. i do have your copy. same book, different cover. yours is like an illustration which is also really nice.


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