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29 April 2012

Stacked (1)

Hi, everyone. As you can see, there is no IMM today. If you're a book blogger, you're probably aware of all the drama that occurred this week in the book blogging world. I don't want to comment on it too much because a lot has already been said and everyone is going to have their own opinion. For me this means that I am no longer going to participate in IMM. I still want to share my book hauls with you though so I decided to start my own weekly feature called Stacked (this title may change).  This is by no means an original feature but just a way for me to share my books with you.  I hope to have a nifty graphic for it soon.  I respect anyone's choice to still participate or not in IMM and will visit and comment on your book haul post. Now, onto the books!

I didn't buy too many books this week but I did go to the library. I could just go on about how much I love the library but you guys already know. I also went to the Christopher Moore signing at Vroman's this week, which was super fun. I'll have a whole recap on that at some point. 


Why We Broke Up by Daniele Handler and Maira Kalman -  I have heard mixed things about this book but any book that has lots of illustrations is something I want to try. Nice and shiny from the library.

172 Hours of the Moon by Johan Harstad - Based on Lauren's review on 365 Days of Reading, I knew I had to pick this up. Sounds super creepy!

Before I Go To Sleep by by S. J. Watson - This is my book club book this month. I don't know much about this except that it's sort of like Memento (love that movie!) because the main character wakes up every day losing their memory. Another creepy sounding read.

Cake Ladies by Jodi Roden - I like to check out cookbooks from the library before buying. This cake book is based on traditional Southern recipes. I love cookbooks like these based on tradition and word of mouth recipes. 

with my "free crap" as moore called it

Sacre Bleu by Christopher Moore - As I said, I went to the signing yesterday and bought Moore's newest book. The cover is so gorgeous! Also got a nifty tattoo to go with it.

Ebooks purchased

The Governess Affair by Courtney Milan - I love Milan's historical romances and this novella is the teaser for a new series coming out this year. Given that I loved her last novella, I am excited about this.

Tempting the Best Man by J. Lynn - J. Lynn is the pseudonym for Jennifer Armentrout's adult novels. I was a huge fan of her YA book, Obsidian, and am very curious to see how she handles adult romance. 


Codename Verity by Elizabeth Wein - Thanks to my co-blogger Alethea for pointing out that this was a Read Now on NetGalley. It looks kind of awesome. :)

That's all I have today. Now I am off to find some breakfast. Hope you're all having a fun weekend. Leave your links and I'll be sure to visit. 

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  1. You've been making the rounds at the book events - so fun! Looking forward to hearing what you think of Sacre Blue. So cool you got a signed copy and a tattoo.

    I'm curious about 172 Hours on the Moon. It does sound creepy. And I picked up J.Lynn's book too :) Couldn't resist.

    Enjoy all your books!

  2. Great one! Hope Stacked works out! I can't wait to see what graphic u do!!

  3. Looks like you got a new look. Me likes.

    So freaking jealous of you seeing Christopher Moore. Freaking crazy love him. I've been craving some absurd hilarity lately. Going to have to pull one off the shelf. Just looked up his schedule & I missed him when he was in my area. Bad book lover.

    1. yes, a new look for us! and it's so hard to keep up with book events sometimes. i only found out about this one because my other friend mentioned it. i am hoping that sacre bleu is good, though i think the cover alone is worth it. :)

  4. I haven't read any of the Christopher Moore books. I have been meaning to give them a try, but just haven't gotten around to it. Great books. Enjoy.


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