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27 December 2013

Uncovered (90): A Sky Full Of Kindness

Happy Friday after Christmas, everyone. If you celebrate, I hope that you had a great holiday. I am still enjoying my vacation time just hanging out with family and eating way too much. It's been crazy warm here in northern California - meaning 60 - 70 degrees out and really beautiful. It's strange that it's not raining but I am enjoying it.  Today's Uncovered post features A Sky Full Of Kindness by Rob Ryan.  I saw this the other day while browsing the bookstore and it just grabbed me. I've been a fan of papercutting for a while now and love all of the intricate detail found in this cover. I also like the bright blue against the white. It really stands our in person. The inside of the book is also papercut art and it looks awesome.

Hope you enjoyed today's Uncovered post. I'll see you here with another cover next week. Have a great weekend!

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