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05 October 2012

Uncovered (34): Something Red

Hello again and welcome to Uncovered, my weekly cover love post. This week I have Something Red, by Douglas Nicholas. I actually came across this book on another blog recently (sorry, I can't remember which one) and was immediately drawn to it. I love the simplicity of the design with the black, white and grey and just a touch of bloody red in the font. The mistiness of the image makes it seem pretty mysterious and a little scary. I really like how the wolf head is coming out of the forest. It's subtle but also striking. I actually just picked this book to be my next book club book. Hopefully the inside of the book is as good as the outside. We'll see. If you're interested, the synopsis is below. I think it sounds creepy and perfect for Halloween. Thanks for stopping by!

From debut author Douglas Nicholas comes a haunting story of love, murder, and sorcery. During the thirteenth century in northwest England, in one of the coldest winters in living memory, a formidable yet charming Irish healer, Molly, and the troupe she leads are driving their three wagons, hoping to cross the Pennine Mountains before the heavy snows set in. Molly, her lover Jack, granddaughter Nemain, and young apprentice Hob become aware that they are being stalked by something terrible. The refuge they seek in a monastery, then an inn, and finally a Norman castle proves to be an illusion. As danger continues to rise, it becomes clear that the creature must be faced and defeated—or else they will all surely die. It is then that Hob discovers how much more there is to his adopted family than he had realized. 
An intoxicating blend of fantasy and mythology, Something Red presents an enchanting world full of mysterious and fascinating characters— shapeshifters, sorceresses, warrior monks, and knights—where no one is safe from the terrible being that lurks in the darkness. In this extraordinary, fantastical world, nothing is as it seems, and the journey for survival is as magical as it is perilous.


  1. Ooohhh, I came across this book on another blog too. Like you I was drawn to it because of the cover. I have to admit I didn't see the wolf on the cover until you pointed it out. The book does sound creepy but I like it because it's different from all the romance novels I usually read. This is one book I am looking forward to reading.

  2. I didn't notice the wolf at first, either. Cool cover! It does sound good for Halloween and I hope you and your book club enjoy it :)


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