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20 October 2012

Stacked (26): The Haunted Edition

Did you guys have a good week? I had a good but somewhat strange week. I took a couple of days off during the week to go to Disneyland with some friends (hi, friends!). If you know me, you know that I rarely take days off work unless I am going on vacation or something. To take a day off in the middle of the week was strange but awesome. And I haven't been to Disneyland since I was a little kid. I don't have much memory of  it so it was all new to me. I was told that it wasn't very crowded (even though it still seemed crowded). The longest we waited was for the new Cars ride (about 1.5 hours) but it was a really fun ride.There was much sensory overload and I had a great time. My fave ride was the Haunted Mansion which was decorated with A Nightmare Before Christmas.

Yeah, that didn't have anything to do with books but see what I got below. :)


Death and the Girl Next Door by Darynda Jones - I am a fan of Darynda's Charley Davidson series and could not resist her new YA release. Plus it came out in paperback, which means it was affordable. In my cart it went!

Witch Eyes by Scott Tracey - This was free for Kindle. I've seen it around and decided to give it a go. 


A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray - I just saw Libba speak last week and she is so funny! I didn't have the funds to purchase a book but I went out right away and got the first book in her Gemma Doyle series from the library.

Grave Peril (The Dresden Files #3) by Jim Butcher (audiobook) - I got this from the library as well. I am going to do a mini read/listen-a-long with a Goodreads friend. Can't wait to hear James Marsters.

Something Red by Nicholas Douglas - This is my book club book this month. I have to say that has been a difficult read. It's not scary like I thought it was going to be and the language is hard to get through sometimes. I am about halfway through. 

I'll leave you with a picture of the Haunted Mansion all dolled up for Halloween. I love it. Hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. YAY! I love creepy haunted scary books! I've heard Witch Eyes is really good! I hope you're loving Something Red! That pic of the Haunted Mansion tuned out really good!

    1. oh something red. we shall discuss. and yay for disneyland!

    2. Errr. Something Red..... grrrrr

  2. Disneyland - how fun! I love going there in the fall and winter when it's not too crowded. Hopefully I'll get there soon. Glad you had fun and got to check out Cars Land.

    Looking forward to hearing what you think of Death and the Girl Next Door. And, I hear James Marsters does an amazing job with the Jim Butcher audiobooks too. Enjoy!

    1. carsland was super cool, lucy. you should definitely do it next time you are there.

      and i am super excited about death and the girl next door. i hope it's as good as her adult series. and james marsters - sigh.

  3. Oooo...Cars Land! I want to take my 4 yr old there. He loves Cars. He actually sits and watches the youtube clips of Cars Land. With luck we'll be able to afford a trip there during the summer.

    I read A Great and Terrible Beauty a long time ago and I really liked it. I hope you enjoy it too.


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