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02 October 2012

Dexter Early Cuts

Season 7 of Dexter premiered on Showtime last night. I am woefully behind on Dexter. I think the last season I saw was the one with John Lithgow. I know that a ton has happened since then and I really am planning to catch up. But, for everyone who's already up to speed, I wanted to spotlight the Dexter Early Cuts animated webisodes that came out over the summer.  It's my understanding that they supplement the storyline to the series. The artist doing the images on these webisodes is David Mack, one of my all time favorite writers/artists. He does really amazing watercolors and collages in his comics. David has his own character (Kabuki) and has worked on runs of Daredevil, Alias, Green Arrow and a whole lot more. He's also working on the covers to Dark Horse's new Willow comic book series. 

So if you like Dexter, definitely check out the webisodes. Trailer for Early Cuts down below. 

*All images belong to Showtime/Dexter. 

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