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07 October 2012

Stacked (24)

Happy weekend, friends! I hope that you are all having a nice, relaxing day. The weather is finally starting to cool down here and it's beginning to feel like fall. This is, pants down, my favorite season. I love the cooler weather and Halloween. Oh and persimmon season and everything pumpkin. I need to go through my book pile this week and figure out what scary books I want to read this month. The one thing I really miss about having cable is all of the horror movie programming during Oct. Oh well, at least I have Netflix. Enough jibber jabber - on to the books!

The Assassin's Curse by Cassandra Rose Clarke - I love the cover to this one and have been eyeing it. My friend just gave it a rave review and I immediately went and bought the Kindle version. Gotta love assassins.

Burdastyle by Nora Abousteit, Alison Kelly - I've been wanting to sew garments for a little while now. Hopefully I will be going to the fabric district this weekend to pick up some fabric. I love Burda's patterns and this book looks like a good start for some simple, stylish clothes.

Rapture (Fallen Angels #4) by J.R. Ward - I was super excited to find this at the library a few days ago. I am on the waitlist at the larger library system but this was just sitting on the shelf at my local branch. So I snapped it up. I am a big fan of this series and am already about 100 pages in.

And that's my book haul this week. Nothing too crazy. Is anyone going to see any good movies this weekend? I feel like there's a lot of fun stuff out right now. I am going to see Pitch Perfect on Friday and Frankenweenie on Saturday. I'd love to see Taken 2 as well but that might have to wait until next week. Hope you're all having a great day!


  1. Oooh bring Burdastyle the next time I see you. Must sew!

    1. there is a great place to buy fabric downtown. you pay by the pound. we have to go sometime. and yes, burda book next time i come over.

  2. The Assassin's Curse does look good - hope you love it! How lucky to find Rapture at the library. I haven't read that J.R. Ward series. Sounds like I'm missing out! Happy reading, Thuy :)


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