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02 March 2012

Uncovered (3): The Flame Alphabet

Uncovered is a new feature were doing on Nite Lite where we share some cover love with you. Thanks for stopping by and let us know what you think of the featured cover.

Thoughts: This book caught my eye the other day when I was browsing Vromans bookstore. I hope you can see from the image, but the cover basically looks like overlapping paper cut out to look like flames (or feathers). There's a really 3 dimensional quality to it. I am also a big paper lover and am drawn to really graphic styles so this really stood out to me. The colors are super bright and the cover is made out of some very nice, linen type paper. I don't even know what this book is about but I want to read it now. 

Here is a short video featuring the cover designer Peter Mendelsun talking a bit about how the cover was made.

This one is out now so go ahead and get yourself a copy. :)

Visit the author online at benmarcus.com 

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