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29 March 2012

Once Upon A Scandal - Review

Once Upon A Scandal (Scandal #2) by Delilah Marvelle
Publication date: 18 January 2011 by Harlequin
ISBN 10/13: 0373775458 | 9780373775453
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Category: Adult Historical Romance
Keywords: Historical, romance, scandal
Format: Mass market paperback, eBook

Thuy's synopsis:

Five years have passed since Jonathan Remington left London for Venice. After declaring his love to the woman of his dreams he vows to come back to vie for her in seven months time. However, fate has other plans and Jonathan is forced to stay in Venice. His reasons are mysterious and he cuts off all communication from Victoria. Hurt and angered by his actions, Victoria sees Jonathan’s abandonment as another reason not to believe in love. As the years pass, Victoria becomes bitter and determined never to feel love again lest she be disappointed again. But Jonathan suddenly comes back into her life, can Victoria forgive him or will she let happiness slip through her fingers?

Thuy's Review:

Once Upon A Scandal is the second book in the Delilah Marvelle’s Scandal series. I didn’t read the first book and don’t think you need to in order to read this. I have mixed feelings about this one. Maybe I’ve just read a lot of really good historicals lately but, while I enjoyed this book, it didn’t end up being one of my favorites. First, I found the whole setup with Victoria’s father’s will a little implausible. It just seemed like a lot of trouble to go to for the outcome. But he was a sick man and maybe that accounts for the eccentricity of the whole thing. The scene in the carriage also seemed highly unlikely to happen. I know this a romance and I definitely want my sexy times, but I just didn’t think that it was something Victoria would agree to or that Jonathan would think to ask. So, while it was hot, it didn’t seem very in character.

Jonathan was a very different type of tortured hero. He had to do some very unsavory things to survive. I don’t want to give too much away but the thing he had to do to keep his family and Victoria safe isn’t a subject that gets brought up much and I actually wish that they had talked about it more. I like that he’s very emotional and passionate, often acting on his feelings. Sometimes it’s not the smartest thing to do but he isn’t afraid to tell Victoria how he feels, which I admired.

Victoria took a little while to warm up to. I could understand why she would be so angry at Jonathan after he disappeared for five years. Trust me, I’d be mad, too. But she seemed cruel at times and it wasn’t until she started softening a little and got over her initial anger that I started to like her. Both she and Jonathan were so stubborn at times that I wanted to smack both of them. They were stuck in the past and it was keeping them from having a future together. Thanks goodness they both get some sense and all ends well.

While the book did have its flaws, I enjoyed it. Marvelle has a wonderful way of writing and I could easily picture London and Venice. I also felt like there was real love and affection between Jonathan and Victoria and was glad when they finally found their happy ending.

Visit the author online at www.delilahmarvelle.com and follow her on Twitter @DelilahMarvelle

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  1. I will admit, this cover captivated me. It's beautiful, yet simple and elegant. I loved your review. It's honest and helpful.

    Thanks! :)


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