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10 December 2012

My Favorite Holiday Movies

We are right in the midst of the holiday season right now as you can probably tell the state of the mall and the abundance of Christmas lights out. I thought it would be fun to show you a list of my favorite holiday movies that help me get into the holiday spirit. It's not the most traditional list. For some reason, I have managed to not see a lot of the films that people consider Christmas classics (Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation). But I have my own special list of films that are my go-to for the holidays. Hope you enjoy!

Harry Potter (all) - I am starting off this list by cheating a bit. All of the Harry Potter films remind me of Christmas. I think it's because there's usually a Christmas scene with a magic feast. And they're often wearing winter woolens, which definitely makes me think of the holidays.

Elf - I have had this on repeat for the last week or so. I love this movie so much. Smiling's my favorite!

How The Grinch Stole Christmas - This is a classic. I used to watch this a lot as a kid and I always love watching it during the holidays. 

The Holiday - Yes, cheesy romantic comedy! This is just a fun, sweet movie. Kate Winslet is fantastic in it. Cameron Diaz annoys me a bit but she does sort of match the character well. Another one I put on repeat during the holidays. 

Nightmare Before Christmas - This is great because it can work as both a Halloween movie and a Christmas movie. I don't actually own this one, sadly, but I shall rectify that immediately. 

While You Were Sleeping - Another romantic comedy. This one stars Sandra Bullock as a toll booth thinks she is in love with a man who falls into a coma and then proceeds to fall in love with his brother. This is just cute and funny and it takes place in Chicago during the holidays, which looks very cold.

Trading Places - I haven't seen this movie in awhile but I always watch it when it's on. Man, Eddie Murphy used to make such good movies. He and Dan Akroyd are fantastic in this.

Die Hard 1 & 2 - Anyone who knows me in real life knew that Die Hard was going to make the list. I love the first two films and will watch either of them if they are on (I also own all the films). But these are Christmas movies because they take place during Christmas. They also have awesome action and Alan Rickman. What more could you ask for, for the holidays?

That's all I can think of right now. Thanks for humoring me. Does anyone else have a holiday movie that they love that I need to check out? Let me know in the comments below. :)

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  1. Great list. Trading Places is one of my favorite all-time movies. It never fails to crack me up. The Holiday...love that one, too because I am a sappy romantic moviegoer at heart. ;)

    Lee @shewolfreads

    1. i like a good sappy romance, too, lee. though i don't like nicholas sparks movies (except the notebook of course). i need to get trading places on dvd. it's a classic!

  2. Holiday movies - how fun! We have lots of favorites in common. While You Were Sleeping is one I watch every year, and of course Elf :) I've only seen the Holiday once but it is pretty cute. Love Actually is another one I enjoy, as well as Bridget Jones Diary & Mean Girls. Andrew considers Die Hard to be a Christmas classic too. Great choices!

    1. ooh i like love actually, too, thought it's actually kind of a sad movie. i totally forgot about bridget jones. total christmas movie! and mean girls. i love it but it makes me sad because lindsey lohan is such a train wreck now. she used to be so cute. yay die hard! tell andrew he has good taste. :)


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