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29 June 2012

NetGalley Knockdown

Even though I have a great fear of commitment, I have decided to join the NetGalley Knockdown hosted by Bekka at Pretty Deadly Reviews. I need to read some of my NetGalley books and assuage the NetGalley Guilt (as my friends and I call it). I have so many awesome books from NG on my reader right now and I think this will help me prioritize them. I am not sure which books I am going to read just yet but I think I will aim for reading 4 NG books in July, which is a very modest and achievable goal.  

If you have The Guilt as well and would like to join up, please visit Bekka's original blog post here. :)

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for participating! NetGalley Guilt is a very real, very serious thing! I recommend a great book and a glass of wine :D


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