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04 June 2012

Movie Review: Snow White & The Huntsman

Snow White & The Huntsman
Genre: Fantasy, action, drama
Directed by: Rupert Sanders
Starring: Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth
Release date: June 1, 2012


In a twist to the fairy tale, the Huntsman ordered to take Snow White into the woods to be killed winds up becoming her protector and mentor in a quest to vanquish the Evil Queen.


Yes, I went to see Snow White & The Huntsman this weekend. I am a sucker for any fairy tale retelling especially ones that are a little on the darker side. I was expecting a fun popcorn movie with lots of eye candy and that's exactly what I got.

The thing that first drew me to the film were the visuals and that part of the movie didn't disappoint. Both the dark forest and the fairy forest were done beautifully with strange plants and creatures inhabiting them. The costumes were great, especially those worn by the Queen. I also enjoyed the action in the film. There was lots of axe wielding and arrows flying about. The phantom army was especially cool looking with its soldiers made of shards of black glass. 

The acting pedigree in the film is also quite impressive. Of course you have Charlize Theron who plays evil bitch really well. Though she is undoubtedly the bad guy in this, you can't help feeling a little sorry for her. Her evil is born out of an instinct to survive that has become twisted over time. And, as my friend said, Charlize is a pro at giving you the evil eye. Chris Hemsworth is the man candy in this movie and he does a good job of playing the tortured Huntsman. No, he does not take his shirt off, ladies. Sorry to disappoint. But he's still nice to look at even clothed. There's a bit of a love triangle in the movie but it's really not a main plot point of the film, which I was alright with. I love a good romance as much as the next person but I am tired of love triangles and this movie didn't have time for it.  

And let's talk Kristen Stewart. She was surprisingly not terrible in this. I know it's not a ringing endorsement but I fully expected her to be terrible and I thought she was OK. Not good, but not cringe worthy either. I think it helped that she didn't have too many lines and instead just had to look scared or baffled most of the time.  And say what you will about her acting but the girl has got some seriously nice skin. Sitting in the first row during some close ups, I have to admit that she looked good.  But the best part of the film were the dwarves. Aren't the always the best part? The dwarves in this case were character actors of the non-dwarfish variety made into drarves via CG technology. They lent levity and heart to a story that might have taken itself too seriously otherwise.

While Snow White wasn't the most original movie, it did manage to entertain me for two hours. It definitely has its cheesy moments but if you're looking for a fun summer film, this might be the thing. If you're interested in seeing it, I would suggest seeing it in the theater. All of the lovely visual effects and design are best viewed on a big screen. So what do you think? Did anyone go see it or are you going to wait for DVD?

where the heck did we park the car?

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  1. The more I think about it, the more I think there was a really interesting idea buried somewhere in the Evil Queen's backstory - how in her mind, beauty was power, because the sum of a woman's worth was measured in her beauty, and without it she would be thrown away (and hence the Queen's obsession with it), (in contrast with Snow White, to whom beauty as an inner quality) - and am I the only one who was reading between the lines to think Creepy Bro molested his Evil Queen sister as a kid...?

    1. I don't think you're off base with either idea, though I think probably the Queen used him more--that she fed on him when she was weak and it was only to preserve herself in a time of near-death that she finally cut him off.

  2. i definitely think that the idea of beauty was a big theme in the film. the queen was a more complex character since her mother gave her the spell to protect herself. over the years it became her only power.

    and i should have mentioned the creepy brother relationship. something icky was definitely going on there.

  3. I enjoyed it too! Good move on the director/writers' parts not letting KS say much. Though props for getting the RP accent right. PHEW. I also thought the action was pretty good (and this from the perspective of someone who plays D&D). The music was pretty forgettable but I'm happy it didn't detract from the film overall.


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